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tv   RT News  PBS  March 3, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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the new new new new. i live probably not an artsy ukrainian army of the blind me. as tensions not. russia has sent military troops and the crimea peninsula on the latest on praying just a hack. in the media is fever sleep covering the russia ukraine and friends. not funny and match the reality and insightful of coming up and environmentalists in california have had enough of tracking least getting up and why. now they're demanding that the epa take action more on that later. a shower
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monday marks are to find him in washington dc. i looked at and you are watching our key america. well let's begin this afternoon focusing on the crisis in ukraine over the weekend were a number of developments that have dramatically shifted the geo political landscape in the country. now most of the attention is centered around the southern peninsula of pride me out for the latest from that region must turn a street you aren't easy for this enough. and if you know we've been witnessing the past few days here in the crimea continue into monday as more and more are now former ukrainian troops. pledge allegiance to a little crazy in the forties and leaders in that sense the fourth of the self the open air force equipped with lots of different types of radiation including forty five mig twenty nine jet fighters and around the department of personnel told them place the allegiance to local authorities saying the wall for what people are getting
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orders from the self appointed government in keeping with the baby just became in addition to the other privacy and security services including the police the military than they need more of arts and even the emergency services which are basically said the same is not even all week about togo who were stationed and students of this here before the uprising and give some of those who are appointed by the neo sorties have also now i've said or doubts that they will only take orders from local authorities including the now former commander in chief ball for ukraine's maybe plates that what we're seeing in the rest of the country is perhaps the trust or to support within the military off the new government in kiev is declining as well the star reports that several special forces units rejected the borders to march toward the right needles old kid is now trying to recruit to the reserve servicemen but now it has not been going very well since my
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monday morning. only around one point five percent of these was a short short of actually york. i had to walk us through some of the development that played out over the weekend. well the biggest news over the weekend was definitely it russia's upper house of parliament getting to be all green lights for the deployment of three limited amount of russian troops. here in the crimea after being asked for assistance from local authorities to work. while being worried about threats coming from the new authorities in the new right wing radicals this news. i must state here on the ground was greeted with applause by the local since basically wouldn't hear the entire week and we've been witnessing abortion rallies taking place all across the city of wuhan the capital of the crimea but of course it did spark a lot of criticism. throw me into the international community especially from the west were
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getting threats from the united states about economic isolation about socializing the isolation travel sanctions and so on so that is of course took quite a worrying factor. but in general. compared to the events in kyiv. last week over week ago the situation here is to be called. in fact the seats are patrolled by the so called self defense lots more still to be a military bases and artillery are now on to the complete control of local authorities and that will happen without a single shot fired so that is definitely a good side because no one wants a need of any bloodshed. last week you are being fired on in kiev wanting those very violent demonstrations kind of layout was like being in a new deal the things that are not. well i don't feel safe as a journalist right now especially compared to what we saw in kyiv since initially were just going to
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film protests that persona never expected that the violence would reach for that sort of that level and that still stands though i wasn't targeted personally but some of the people that we are still here with a crew members war including even the government was building its own lab report right now because of the first or just watching the events unfold on independence square in kiev that pretty much this revolution happens on the farm warheads or at least that is only was it was stated that at some point of it than just changed up the eldest ended up in the snow the whole thing and the bullets fly inside the cabin and started towards the outside and get that on video. more of a freakishly tall wall of a child so will just fly off. thankfully he was uninjured in cameraman a bullet ricocheted off
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towards its best. was cute but thankfully he was uninjured. so it was wet. if the situation. four compared to that. it is almost like i don't like what. it's not one of the bikini jokes here but this is really common goal the fact that the teaching that sense the bit to what we've been seeing there is another reason why the locals were so concerned they don't want a piece of what that is what the radicals just driving down the order of malta practical setting things on offense and police on five shooting eight the forty seventh and so on so right now knowing that most of. facilities the two strategic facilities and government buildings just to see steve and i being patrolled by the self defense laws who are really friendly with the locals in fact i'm sure that you've probably seen these pictures just of the locals have been taking photographs with these troops just on the streets the sheets with children smiling and it is a general in general it is a friendly atmosphere right now the big issue is now. what's going to happen next. not all meet here in the crimea and
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possibly not even for me in ukraine. but in the fourth region perhaps even the fourth because clearly the events and this whole situation is happening in this country right now is going to have consequences death or illness for labor but it was cold region in europe and possibly in the end of relations between russia and the us canada japan and so on this is truly a significant story and for me as a journalist of course it's interesting to be working on it and i guess that while vital for me just to see everything with my own eyes because there's so much misinformation being spread right now. fellows are due course on antiwar has enough on the ground in ukrainian you can follow mr forty nine footer had to eat for under scott at corpus cannot underscore our tea. american officials have been keeping a close eye and ukraine as tensions their reach a boiling point. secretary of state john kerry will be traveling to kiev on tuesday to discuss the situation. for more of the american response
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to the crisis in ukraine here's our keys on a stasi a church. we all know that the united states prides itself in being the beacon of democracy and freedom when it comes to brush away the stuff surrounding the events unraveling in ukraine accusations have been flying high from washington. but if we look in countless back past and present while the us demands that its finger pointing is taken seriously by the rest of the world. how does that mean let's listen to what others had to say on its actions. many will be so tiny and that has been there for years. he was in the meantime has more than seven hundred military bases around the world and in the notorious world leader of getting involved in wars that are opposed to not just at home but also brought the rain when panini and becomes short. you just don't invade another country on the phone the pretext of the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three had never happened under what was later proven to be such false pretenses. some would argue the world that still shocked
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the people of united states and our friends and allies will not leave. at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder. we will meet that threat now with our army air force navy coast guard and marines was born and yes that is officially the longest running war in american history. let's not forget the drone war killing civilians and whined that the west is meeting to live despite sharp criticism these tactics. most recently theory of course yet another potential military escapade that he was president and in mourning for the essentially a boy did that the last minute one three things from russia that spearheaded brokering another way towards a solution. i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets military and thus are one example after another the strategic reasons to care about what happens in cranium next to the post undertaking military adventures whenever fancy
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strikes as has become so traditional in the last barely surprises anyone anymore. actual military action has not even been given a green light for by the russian presidents and russian members said it's interested in what with ukraine. regardless the world's top and dresser accuses moscow of being one point double standards on convenience. the church and our team name. the center console and now the role that the international community planes when tense situations buildup like what we are seeing played out in ukraine the special guest join me to wait and earlier i spoke with actor producer and screenwriter and martial arts expert steven seagal was recently part of an american delegation that visited russia in the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings and he has his views on the crisis in ukraine. well it's exactly the kind of thing that we meaning myself and several members of congress and millions of other people live in trying to avoid. i hear a lot of political rhetoric we hear a
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lot of political spinning and done i'm not in america during the sting from the russians at all. and that's not because they're not giving comments i think that they're just not being heard. for example i heard you know i'm early this morning some may say. yes somebody came onto the vessel in the black sea in. you know threatened them and said you know by five o'clock surrender were in the coming days i knew right away that had never happened and then sure enough you know. in the last artist in all the while that may not have happened in so all this kind of stuff is not constructive to wield diplomatic relations and that's who we need here we need comb. we need people who can kind of tried to look at the big picture and what's best for. ryan works best for russia. monotonous or the what's best for whirlpool
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europe. um that is the thing that i think we have to really keep in mind here is that. we soon the wind when the crane was sort of world overthrown. yet to keep in mind it was a democratically voted on within the resumes of government that was to put into normal diplomatic channels to through voting and so forth and so on. and then all the sudden you know it looks to me right. certain frogs with fire bombs stir fry of arming the host city and who these people are and where they came from. it is really a question of who you know subject. and then all the sudden you know this government is toppled. you know i i certainly think that in that it is. the point of why couldn't they have. you know sort of. use proper
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diplomatic means to change the government which is what we always go for. and. you know so. i can think is very very interesting that does all this. you know kind of funny stuff happen right before the event to know. so why the thinking he wasn't so interested in this part of the world and what doesn't stand to gain from getting involved. in my opinion you know this is a european its european union that suits the unknown pressure that certain entities are getting from the european union or stuff like that. um it's it's kind of like in springfield park and back or go do your homework you'll see that margaret thatcher was you know premature on the dole office because she refused you know the sort of put you know the you in the european euro european union and so you know i think there's a little bit of that going on
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here. i can find a role in ramping up tensions between countries. i do certain yes i do think unit example ages given the is this a perfect example. there is up in the end i'll get another example. i'm supposedly quoting call respectable news channels they keep saying you know just like when russia attacked georgia. really how about telling the truth giving georgia attacked russia and didn't rush to retaliate. isn't that the truth may be composed of either do their homework or stop just in austin with pickled this. the one american politician after another making the media rounds patronizing president obama and calling for an e coli his foreign policy stance week because he is not calling on the troops or anything like that. they are trying to hold his feet to the fire and to force them to
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act. then this is a very dangerous and to take and it's a very dangerous game to play. nobody should be criticizing obama for not taking military action are they crazy. i mean at this point you know when what we really want a cool heads and in diplomatic dialogue we should be at the height of diplomatic diplomacy right now where we are. you know talking to rush and toppling talking to crying. been trying to see if we can come up with a solution. that's good for everybody that's who we should really be trying to do. that was actor steven nissen call you as this crisis continues to unfold in ukraine rts are foreigners all over the country on the ground bringing us the latest let's turn now to care all of our lives in ukraine's capital kiev. now let's say you're just the two is in hot cars was more the oligarchs who helped to finance the two against the dna code which is
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governments coming into college. two of those that being appointed governors in the hole important industrial heartland old eastern ukraine the unit patrols we see me you gotten the most key takeover is the covenant dead now he's the third richest man in the country with around two point four billion dollars. the head of ukraine's major commercial bank in two thousand and three he made the news himself as he raised investigates it about threats made against the light pole but a lowly about malia as a nation the wallace and shot and seriously wounded off that the investigation into mystical the most you will drop analysts weigh in on us we're seeing said the title to take over is the covenant that he's one of the top ten richest in the country with around two billion. you make sel business the set ofi familiafaces around thay're loongovernment and for really. they want people loyal to their cause no one
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seemed people that helped to finance the two told to get rewards for helping to just ask. elsewhere we have a new interior minister here in kiev a roll going to austin of god goal for now he takes over is the interior minister not worth this much is due to govern is financially only around four hundred million dollars that what is interesting about him is that in twenty twelve he appeared on the eu wanted it to paul's of most wanted list in connection with a land deal that charges were eventually dropped. however the caveat these roles to some of the richest in the country and some of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs isn't going to sit well with the people to take out onto t streets of independence square where they wanted to overthrow the government they wanted to make it that they could get reads all the use of the oligarchs and it seems that these oligarchs help
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finding something quite important position. hopefully the interim government they've since that they'd be loyal to them. sixteen more reasonable position rise up against andrew in the east of the country as michael egan makes the other kids in our faults has to do so. a little bit country. thousands took to the streets of some of the largest cities including hiking on saturday and would be governed by the new religion in the capital. like i was making a living even though i need a ukranian. get your money. all i can do with how to tackle rising market i went to sam have had their hands on. the new country failed to prevent relief we
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don't want such a country we want our country to peace. we used to work and pay taxes thank you. what started as a peaceful rally turned violent when pro russian activists cost with no was named to the authorities in kenya with tear gas report abuse as well as books in stakes. more than a hundred were injured as protesters managed to gain control of the administration building and even replace the ukrainian flag with the russian one. before saturday the ministry sell the hunter region building was protected by the so called self defense. off mike down now it is secured by the police forces and is still great deal of uncertainty as to who actually holds the power here other cities in the east and southeast again sitting at the critical hogan's oh so she'll be distrusted the new government which leader calls to hold a referendum on the region's faith which probably means a separation from his rule. the un for attention from the legion of the governed. judicial reform the election of judges to food court and with justice it really means. in case no claims or ignored. amongst the local referendums
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according to the internationally recognized want to self determination. jealousy. lol in the stands in front and the ban means to crush its designs. those canadians russian speaking in the us isn't it. it rents. it's huge and the people working to get to know who didn't show. they made it very clear from day one. they have an extremely hostile to you to trust me to go. the texas book festival they are feeling the rush and that the rule in our interests be an efficient land rich in ukraine they haven't done anythg to stop the destruction of russian monuments. they made their voice heard. protesters against his new political establishment left the square is off this season but said unless they're listening to next sunday they might start
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taking decisions into their own hands. your safety on tv reporting from the ukraine well still ahead here on artsy environmentalists in california and had enough of crapping away standing up in the golden state's wanderers now they're demanding that the epa take action. more on that after the break. nations and. the finish line. they're gone. what is it that the hearing. the rental lists are trying to convince the environmental protection agency to be the dumping of tracking flowing into the federal waters off
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the coast of california the center for biological diversity claims that at least that doesn't offshore rigs in southern california art of the wastewater all right back into the pacific art ease of removal and elle has a story. hydraulic fracturing or frankie has caused heated debate on land now opponent of bragging are taking their fight to the pacific ocean environmentalists have filed a legal petition with the epa in hopes of preventing oil companies from dumping tracking fluid into the ocean as he sweet. the petition that the epa environmental protection agency to. you're not a fire or of a permit that the epa recently revised its permanence of pollution discharge permit. currently oil producers in federal waters can go up to nine billion gallons of wastewater into the ocean every year these are oil platforms that are operating in the santa barbara channel coast. it's
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the scion of a move some of the richest wildlife. this track is an extraction method which involves injecting water sand and chemicals into undersea shale and sand formations. some of the fluid is treated and then dumped into the ocean. we don't know what's in this and send us one of the big problems there is some information from other wells offshore in california. i have used chemicals like xiv. this is a carcinogen that is also the in ecological has earned the auto industry maintains that hydraulic fracturing it's a scene that it has been done millions of times on land. an investigation that too without help shed light on cracking up the california coast. he could happen in the teacher's oil and gas development continues in the monterey shale. analysts are wary that the set that precedent moderate sale runs from los angeles a separate cisco and may hold billions
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of barrels of hard to reach oil. the industry argues that new oil and gas exploration will help the economy. but environmental groups don't think it's worth the risk was funny. convincing the epa to stop this discharge this dumping of raw chemicals and or ocean carrier california enable financial and time many policymakers in california remain in favor of exploiting the state's oil and gas reserves. whether its onshore or offshore. so that changes. environmentalists will keep fighting to keep the franking fluid out of the water. in los angeles ramon valley mill rt. across the country right here in washington d c hundreds of protesters demonstrated against the expansion of the keystone xl pipeline over the weekend the night the protesters marched from georgetown university and to
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end up in front of the white house. he chose to zip tie themselves to the fence outside and were subsequently a rest day. somehow we enact an oil spill with a massive car that they laid out on the wing counts. now these protests come just days after the trans canada group celebrated the completion of the gulf coast phase of the pipeline that runs from oklahoma to texas. now was over pipeline plans that run through the middle of the country. well jury selection are underway today in a new york trial for al qaeda's at nina's spokesperson in the aftermath of the september eleven terror attacks. the kuwaiti montclair solid month on all night. instead the son in law of osama bin laden he was captured last year in jordan he will be the most senior bin laden adviser to ever be tried in civilian courts and on american soil. my kids but not guilty to all charges and they include conspiring to kill americans as well as providing material support to
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terrorists. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. nine has not been accused of having advanced knowledge of the nine eleven terror attacks or involved in operation itself. prosecutors claimed he was unaware of an unsuccessful shoe bomb plot prosecutors are expected to show a picture of the guy sitting next to osama bin laden on the date right after the nine eleven terror attacks to bolster their arguments defense lawyers are attempting to use testimony from the mastermind of the world trade center attacks believe it's taken on a to how the right of way that they want him to testify via video conference. though critics say that ksm is testimony will have a very little sweaty. we will continue to keep you updated on this historic trial unfolds in manhattan courts well there are few things that you just do not mess with pink accents. now what about his football golf love
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the sport so lax that one local highpping sixty million dollars on a brand new stadium. this is the truth of the town eagles a two time defending champion of division eight football. it's a eighteen thousand seat stadium that was finance as part of a major bond issue that was active in outback in the house and. the just two years after this mass of high school stadium with belts school district officials announced that their armies are issues that the stadium that need repair. namely there are massive crowd to the concourse that are serious and pose a very serious safety concerns for students and staff. this anime is now closed pending repair and proteins for next season are questionable at this point. but in the end it looks like the cost of this very elaborate very expensive stadium is about to go up significantly. well before we go down free to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's guest is after us
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and green. here's part of the debate about comics and casting. that led to the jewish so that the mound i disagree with what batman year to play. you gotta remember that the core of that character batman to crazy person that has no powers that in israel which screwed up kid whose parents were killed and one of them who'll week is money and insanity i decided to become a vigilante symbol to combat the detail is perfect christina was great as he claims that are so what's the revenues of four because of this movie is meant to be the idealistic alien humans before all else superman and this is supposed to do the grey is a grizzled whether that man who's been living in gotham fighting crime himself for ten years he's a guy who's older he's a guy who's got more weight than you need a guy that henrik abel superman is going to be actually scared of determined that that man is just a dude he's got no powers to the fact that superman is scared of him says something about robert
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us the care it is not just because he's willing to put a bloody scary. saw him that and can be shared at cnn at nine p m right here on artsy america. and that men do it for now for monster is the cover of the youtube dot com flash art in america democrats. long you. shea
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the two. the us. i do all the while companies finance to say much for it and kept in comanche and tokyo russian forces are tightening their grip on the economist ukrainian republic of crimea. they're ordering ukrainian troops to leave their basis and are demanding that the selectors cement that. russian leaders say their forces and intended to protect ethnic russians in the region some tree intensive round of the bay south of the administrative center. since the local. one witness said they demanded that the ukrainians gi